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Contract Staffing

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1) Part Time Contract
2) Fixed Term Contract
3) Agency Staff
4) Consultation on Freelancing

Reduced long-term labor cost
Well you can reduce payroll expenses, Visa charges, all other charges associated with our hiring,

Our recruiters can provide at a very short span of period, well placed candidates at your disposal.
Shorter hiring process
The whole process of searching for talent, spending time and then the resignation process, Well we ideally take care of this, no hassles at all.

Highly skilled, niche experience
our recruiters will scout for the best talent in the industry and provide across the globe, per the clients requirements.
instead of working in the regular shift they can work in specified hours maximizing your productivity.

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Why Contract Staffing?

Sudden project expansion might create unexpected workforce requirement, Well in such cases staffing at short notice will be a challenge,

We with our constant supply and stock of contractors, will furnish your sudden requirements for staffing.

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Our Other Services

Consulting & Advisory

Organisational Restructuring, Staff performance challenges, or other intricate HR functions?

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Payroll Outsourcing

Why burden with payrolls,
Just outsource to us,
With added security

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HR Outsourcing

Get your REMOTE HR,
Just like your own staff, just remote away,
Get in touch

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Our Secret to your Successful Project

Our Success lies in our dedication and sincererity of work.u003cbru003eWe ensure highest confidentiality, u003cbru003eSuccess rate, u003cbru003eQuality Assuranceu003cbru003eTimely completionu003cbru003e24/7 Dedicated Support

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