Job Seekers Tips – How to Avoid Job Scams

Job Seekers Tips – How to Avoid Job Scams

Being A Smart Job Seeker

How to avoid scams in recruitment?

UAE job market has the best job opportunities for expats, This has been proved by thousands of jobs obtained by job seekers of different nationalities in different segments, Most of the expats landing in Dubai or UAE are able to find jobs very easily and have a successful careers, The job market is huge and offers jobs on an equal footing.  The government of UAE also supports jobseekers by various measure and government portals to ensure a smooth process for the job seekers, The local law of the country states that it is illegal to charge fees from the jobseekers for recruitment or placement services, hats-off to the strong administration of UAE and the government, the labour laws protect the job seekers from any harm.

Jobs Scams

Job Seekers looking for job in UAE should exercise caution while applying for jobs, This necessarily does not mean job market in UAE has poor reputation, instead the majority of jobs vacancies are genuine, however having said that some unscrupulous agencies may try to trick jobseekers, this will elucidate how to identify such fake job offers.

Fake websites

Watch out for similar websites that have similar sounding names or domains, check for authenticity of the websites as well as email that are fake, example instead of or

The best way to ensure that the email is genuine is to google the email address and check the corresponding linkdln profile and check their connections as well, if possible connect and check with them.

Faking name, letterhead and logo of the legitimate firm in emails

Logos, names, even website are sometimes duplicated and fake offer may be sent, however the best way to identify is check the spelling mistakes in the offer letter, even a slight spelling error might be the work of an unscrupulous con.

Usually the HR team will spend hours and hours on drafting and redrafting the offer letters templates, hence the scope of errors in spelling, grammar and sentence is very less in a genuine document.

Also check for inconsistent salary mentioned on the offer, like a inflated and very high salary mentioned in the offer letter.

What is the Average salary in Dubai – UAE range or bracket in UAE-Dubai???

Please note : there is not any minimum wages in UAE per say, all the salary range mentioned below are per month, also note in UAE or Dubai, there are no income taxes, hence this is the total salary, (for exact salary break up structure check this link)

Please note all the mentioned amounts are in AED

Average salary Receptionist in Dubai – 1200 AED – 4000 AED max

Average salary Admin in Dubai – 2500 AED -5000 AED max

Average salary Personal secretary in Dubai – 8000 AED -12000 AED max rarely 15000 in an upscale company

Average salary Accountant in Dubai with bcom – 3000 AED -4500 AED

Average salary Senior accountant in Dubai with CA inter or MBA for mim 5 years of experience – 8000 AED -12000 AED Max

Average salary Junior Auditor – 5000 AED -7000  AED max

Average salary Senior auditor in Dubai – 7000 AED -9000 AED, rarely 11000 only from Big 4 firms

Average salary HR executive in Dubai – 3500 AED  -6000 AED max

Average salary HR manager in Dubai – 7000 AED -12000 AED max, very few will pay upto 16000 AED

Average salary Finance manager in Dubai – 6000 AED -15000 AED max usually 8000 range

Average salary Nurse in Dubai – 5000 AED -8000 AED depending on speciality

Average salary Doctors in Dubai – 10000 AED – 15000 AED max

Average salary Medical technicians in Dubai – 5000 AED -8000 AED , very few specialized roles will offer upto 12000 AED

Average salary Blue collar in Dubai

Average salary Construction workers  in Dubai – labourers – 1200 AED – 3000 AED max

Average salary Supervisors in Dubai 5000 AED -7000 AED max

Average salary Engineers in Dubai – 8000 AED -15000 AED max

Average salary Software engineers in Dubai – 6000 AED – 13000 AED max

Modus operandi of the scams

An advertisement is put up on job portals informing about the vacancy,

Once candidates call the number listed on the job ad, they are asked to come immediately for job interview, however they don’t tell there is a charge for the recruitment. On reaching the agency they are charged a fees for documentation and for interview process, which is completely against the laws of UAE, as UAE prohibits such activities.

Advance fee scams

Or else they may ask you to pay certain amount for recommendation or for securing the job, either ways this is again illegal.

Ensure that you contact them and clearly understand if they are charging any amount for recruitment and do not pay any money if asked so.

Spelling mistakes

Check clearly the offer letter and their advertisement for spelling mistakes, genuine offer should not be shoddy.

Company located in other countries

All companies have to be registered in UAE to do business here, google to check if the name is showing up in UAE or outside of UAE. Only UAE registered companies can offer work or employment visa.

Not properly registered or listed in google

Unknown designations

Laws in UAE

Under the UAE labour law, an employee must work for the employer at the stated place of business and cannot work for another firm. Additionally, firms are not supposed to employ persons on visit visas or those staying illegally in the country after the expiry of their residence or visit visas. 

How to apply for jobs????

Best way is to check for the opening on jobsite, then approach the company directly, preferably walk-in to the company reception and drop a hard copy of the resume.

Try approaching the HR through the receptionist board number

Try getting the email address of the HR from the receptionist and drop a personalized email with cover letter to the HR

Try references, be persistent and try all channels, try calling several contacts in the same company, request a face to face interview.

Try cold calling the companies.

(for exact salary break up structure check this link)

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