How to find a job in Dubai?

How to find a job in Dubai?

Job Hunting in Dubai?

How to find a job in Dubai?

Most important – Get a valid visa,

Let begin with a few basics-Is Dubai a part of UAE?

First let’s understand What is U.A.E??

Actually, most job seekers only think of getting a job in Dubai, not in the other emirates of the U.A.E, that is because most are not aware of the other emirates of the U.A.E

Let us look at U.A.E as a country!!!

The sovereign absolute monarchy is a federation of seven emirates consisting of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. Each emirate is governed by a ruler; together, they jointly form the Federal Supreme Council. One of the rulers serves as the President of the United Arab Emirates.
Meaning you if you get a UAE visa, you can travel to other emirates as well easily by bus or car.(for more information on living in UAE, check here)

Now, are you outside of U.A.E or are in already in U.A.E??? Well, check these situations below!!

Tourist visa and Employment visa in UAE and Dubai

Having understood U.A.E and its emirates, how do we get a job in any of the emirates?

Lets look at the Visa types in UAE

Tourist visa and Employment visa

UAE Tourist Visa.

A tourist visa is usually for 1 or 3 months and you must exit the country before that last date or else you will be fined
A tourist visa is issued by registered tour operators in your respective countries.

UAE Employment Visa

Employment visa is usually for the duration of the contract, maybe 2 years in most cases.
Employment visa is issued by the employer,

UAE Tourist Visa Process!

How to apply for a visit visa to UAE or Dubai? Or how to apply for Dubai tourist visa?

Apply for a tourist or residence visa

Well to apply for a tourist visa, you can check with your respective countries or approach any authorized travel agent, (I am sure there is a nominal fee)

How to get an employment visa in Dubai?

Residence visa also called an Employment visa??

This will be provided once you have received a job offer from the employer in UAE, again the visa can be issued from any emirates depending on your employer’s work location.

2 types of companies in the UAE
• Mainland companies
• Free zone companies

so, depending on the company location and registration type, you can get either a mainland or free zone visa from any emirates.
(Just to note: All visas, enable you to work legally in the UAE)
Getting a work and residency permit in Dubai UAE! Job offer while out of UAE

Scenario 1

How does the employer apply for employment visa?
1.Employer interviews a prospective candidate via video call or phone call or through a registered employment agency (just make sure the employment agency does not fleece you).
2.The offer letter from the employer’s letterhead will be sent to your email.
3.Once the offer is accepted, send the accepted offer letter back to the
4.Then the employer will send you a tourist visa or an employment visa, either way, it’s ok, even if you get a visit visa, your employment visa will be processed if the employer if genuine, (there are a few drawbacks in case of visiting UAE on visit visa for, job, more details check here!!!!)
Getting a work and residency permit in Dubai UAE! Job offer while inside of UAE

Scenario 2

You are inside the country; you have come to UAE on a visit visa and then you have got a job offer from a genuine employer
Well, this is slightly different, not to worry, most candidates get a job after coming to UAE. (officially you are not supposed to search for jobs while on visit visa)
Since you are here on a visit visa, you must officially exit the country to convert your tourist visa to an employment visa, this is called a visa change or change status.

Dubai visa change

Two ways to do this,
If you wish to go back to your country and then wait for the employment visa post the job interview and receiving the offer letter. well if you have decided then catch the next flight and visit your family, spend some time back home, and sit patiently for the employment visa to arrive on your email.

Change status visa Dubai

How to change visa status in Dubai?
After issuance of the employment visa you need to pay DH 540 at the typing centre and need to write a status change application. The new visa, original passport and current visit visa is required along with the application. Status change should be completed before the expiry of the grace period or visit visa.

Or else second option:

stay inside the country and have an Oman exit, meaning you book your flights to exit the country to Oman, then you come back in the evening or next day, sometimes the next day back to UAE with the employment visa(check here for more detailed explanation)
please note: most employers will not pay for visa change status; this cost will be yours.

How to get emirates ID in Dubai?

Once you get your employment visa, the next step
Medicals or health check-up
You need to get a medical check-up done for diseases, this will be arranged by your employer, (check for the exact procedure here)


On the same day of your medicals, you will get your biometrics scanned at an Amer or tasheel center, this will also be arranged by your employer (check for the exact procedure here)

Emirates ID

Well if you have completed the medical and biometrics, still back and enjoy, you will receive an SMS stating your emirates ID has been issued and will be delivered to your office address.
Then you are a legal resident of UAE
Congratulations on coming to UAE

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